Frequently Asked Questions

What is my candidate number?2020-11-18T01:10:31+00:00

If you are working for Lloyds Pharmacy your candidate number is your Lloyds employee number.

If you work for any other pharmacy your candidate number can be found on the introduction letter sent with the course. If you have lost this please email training@1530.com or call the CIG Helpline.

I sent my work in and have not received the results yet2020-11-18T01:10:35+00:00

You should receive your results within 14 days, however in rare cases there may be a delay. If you have not received your results within 21 days please email training@1530.com or call the CIG Helpline

NOTE: Please take a copy of the assessment paper before sending it in.

I can’t find my assessment paper(s)2020-11-18T01:10:41+00:00

The assessment papers can be found in pharmacist’s/supervisor’s envelope (alongside the pharmacist guide to the course). If you still cannot locate the paper please email training@1530.com or call the CIG helpline and we can email or post you a copy of the assessment paper

Do I need to send my Set E Workbook for the Pharmacy Assistant Course for external marking once completed?2020-11-26T21:27:56+00:00

No, you don’t have to send it away to be marked. The Set E workbook is marked by your course Supervisor. It should be marked and passed before you sit the Set E MCQ assessment. Ensure that once you have completed the workbook you hand it straight to them and they will mark it as soon as possible.

We have registered someone onto the course but they have since left. Can I transfer the course to another member of staff?2020-11-26T21:28:16+00:00

This can be done as long as no assessment papers have been sent in by the original candidate and all the training materials are unused and intact.

For Lloyds candidates – this can be done through contacting your Head office Learning and Development Department

For all other candidates – please call or email the CIG helpline

I am missing a part of the course2020-11-25T22:17:55+00:00

If you have lost any part of the course please email training@1530.com or call the CIG Helpline.

I haven’t received my certificate and I have passed all of my assessments?2020-11-18T01:11:00+00:00

In some cases, we may not have received all of your assessments. At other times, you may have had a letter requesting you to send in some of the course module books as part of our Quality Assurance process – certificates will not be issued until this work has been received and reviewed. You can email training@1530.com for clarification.

I have lost my certificate – can I have another?2020-11-26T21:28:38+00:00

We do send out replacement certificates, but we do charge for this so keep it safe!

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